custom ex libris

ex libris handmade


Are you a book lover, jealous and proud of your library?
Do you also have the problem of getting your books back?

You can make your collection unique with a custom ex libris:
you will have a stamp with an image created especially for you and with your name!

My ex libris are unique pieces, created entirely by hand.
The design, the engraving of the matrix and also the packaging are handcrafted with a lot of patience and passion.


The use is very simple: ink the stamp with an ink pad, then place it on the page you want to print, it is usually placed on the title page under the author and title of the book. Press well and swing slightly without lifting the stamp.

That’s it, now your book has imprinted its rightful owner, a way to celebrate the bond that is born between book and reader.

I’m using the linocut technique. The ex libris are engraved by hand with gouges following the design that is decided together with the client.
I love creating objects from start to finish, for this reason I also take care of cutting the wooden supports and the cardboard for the box that will contain the stamp I hand print (spoon technique) the stamp on the wood and on the cardboard, and finally I assemble everything. In addition, I insert in the package a small booklet with a short presentation and some advice on use.

This is my favorite part. Some have clear ideas on how they want it, on how to be better represented: an animal, a job or a specific “pastime”, a very precise image. Others instead have more confused ideas, so I ask to describe their character, their passions, their literary tastes … in short, something that can give me some ideas to draw a small image. Usually I do at least 2 or 3 pen tests that I show via email, and from there the client will tell me which one he prefers, if he wants changes or if he wants other tests, until I find the subject that best represents him and satisfies him.

The time of creation of the subject also depends on how it is described and how many changes will have to be made, but since a subject is approved I need 2 weeks to send the package. If you have special needs (such as birthdays or other events) specify it, so I can tell you if I can accelerate for the desired date.

To use the ex libris you can take a classic ink pad that you find in stationery stores, such as Pelikan.
Or if you prefer a more precise result, I recommend the Versa Craft or VersaFine ink pads. You can find them in many formats and colors. Also even if you take the smaller pad you can always ink a large stamp.



Do you want more information to commission a custom bookplate? To find out times, costs and methods, fill out the form here (without obligation) you will receive an email with all the details you need.


– Tipografia e Cartoleria Bonvini 1909, via Tagliamento, 1
– Libreria Isola Libri  [sold out]
– Libreria Centofiori  [sold out]

– Libreria Todo Modo, Via dei Fossi 15 rosso

– Galleria d’arte/Libreria Spazio Libri La Cornice, Viale Ospedale, 8

– Libreria Il Sognalibro, Via Gaggiole, 84

– Libreria Zabarella [sold out]

– Concept store Tandem [sold out]

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