ex libris standard


  • The stamp measures approximately 50 x 38 mm.
  • Shipping costs excluded: € 5.00 for Italy, € 17 for Europe in the following countries: Austria – Belgium – Denmark – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Ireland – Luxembourg – Norway – Netherlands – Poland – Portugal – Spain – Sweden.
  • The ink pad is not included
  • The name must be added in pen, which means that it can be used by several people from the same family, or passed on to future generations!

I need about 3-4 working days to make this stamp. It is an indicative period and it also depends on the amount of commissions I have in that period. If you have special needs, write me before purchasing, to check my availability.


These ex libris are handcrafted. The technique I use is similar to cyanotype, that is, using the ultraviolet light of the sun, the image is imprinted on a particular material. Then everything that has not been hit by the light should be rubbed off.


The stamp is placed on a practical wooden support with handle, inside a canvas bag.

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