getting your books back: a very old issue about lenting

An ex libris (Latin, “from the books of…”), also known as bookplate, is usually a small print or decorative label pasted into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate its owner.

When books were much more limited and scarce, the use of ex libris was implemented so books could be shared between book lovers and then returned to the owner.

Book lovers not only wanted to mark their ownership in a beautiful manner, but also to say something about themselves; who they were, what they did, what they liked, and so on.

The beauty and richness of a book also resides in its close relationship with its owner. The use of bookplates is a wonderful way to celebrate this bond.

A bookplate can be a beautiful gift for every book lover, or a wonderful tool to personalize your own library with something unique and meaningful.

Very simple instruction: just stamp the ex libris into your book (which usually goes on the inside of the front cover), and add your name by hand.

It’s unique, original, exclusive.

Every handmade piece of work is different from the other.

It is hand-made from start to finish.

From design, to creation, to packaging.

It is made by a person who loves what she does.

Every ex libris is made with passion and attention to detail.

My ex libris are for sale here:
– Art Gallery Sudestasi Contemporanea – Ragusa (Italy)
Bonvini 1909 stationery and typography shop – Milano (Italy)
– Bookshop Todo Modo – Firenze (Italy)
– Bookshop Isola Libri – Milano (Italy) [sold out]
– Bookshop Centofiori – Milano (Italy) [sold out]
– Bookshop Zabarella – Padova (Italy) [sold out]
– Concept store Tandem – Macerata (Italy) [sold out]
– Art Gallery/Bookshop Spazio Libri La Cornice – Cantù (Italy)
– Bookshop Il Sognalibro – Gordola (Switzerland)

If you are a bookstore and you want an assortment of bookplates for your clients, or you are a book lover and want a custom ex libris with your name, write me to fdimanuele@gmail.com.