Quetzal packaging illustrations packaging illustrations Work created for the Quetzal Social Cooperative of Modica, the art director is Buàtta design. The concept is inspired by the main role of the farmers, the cultivators, the agricultural workers, who provide the raw materials, in order to produce an exquisite and intriguing chocolate. back next project

I write, I read, I correct

scrivo, leggo, correggo website illustrations website illustrations Work created for Angela Falcone, for her website and page Facebook dedicated to his editing work. back next project

Moor heads

Moor heads packaging illustrations packaging illustrations Work carried out for the wooden packaging of artisanal pens Sygla.The request was to illustrate the legend about the origin of the famous Sicilian ceramic vases, the Teste di Moro. back next project

book: i pomeriggi della domenica

I pomeriggi della domenica editorial illustrations editorial illustrations Illustrations created for the book written by Roberto Sassi and published by Raum Italic. Emil Szittya and Lajos Kassák met very young, in the summer of 1909, while undertaking a wandering on foot through Europe. When they met they were just twenty-two years old. Szittya already knew […]

illustration on commission

Do you want an illustration with my style for a gift, for your home or for your business? Answer this short questionnaire and you will receive a quote via email.

custom ex libris – basic

Basic custom ex libris, hand engraved, created specifically for you. Packaged in a canvas bag and has a wooden stand with handle.

Jane Goodall

linocut print, edition of 89 copies, 18 x 12.5 cm, € 20


linocut print, edition of 89 copies, 18 x 12.5 cm, € 20